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Essential Support for the Sensitive Creator

    Although you probably have many gifts to share and a rich feeling life, perhaps your sensitivities  make it hard to feel confident about expressing your uniqueness or exposing yourself to the world. 

Support is not a luxury

     Support is a basic need. I believe it’s your birthright. The world was not designed for artists, and we need as many resources as we can access. That means creating internal resources; identifying and finding external support; and creating habits and practices that will build momentum.

     Because our minds are creative, we can also create intricate knots that keep us stuck. A lot of things can stop us from simply doing the creative work we were meant to do. Anxiety, Overwhelm, Procrastination, Fear, and Embarrassment are just a few of the inner obstacles that can get in your way.  How do you find time in your busy days and weeks for your creative practice if you're a busy professional, a parent or a caregiver?  How do you manage the need to make a living with living your dream?

How Creativity Coaching Can Help You

     As a working artist as well as a coach, I have practiced and honed the skills and secrets of staying creatively alive and productive.

    It may be that certain patterns and habits have been allowed to run the show. They are not your friends: they can waste your precious time;  convince you that you have nothing special to offer; and dampen your natural joy and desire to express yourself. If not addressed, these patterns of mind and habits of behavior can paralyze you for decades.

     In this coaching relationship, you will learn how to support yourself from within and help you arrange your life to make it the right container for your unique creative work.

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Develop essential tools for regaining your creative momentum.


“Karen listens with attention, curiosity and artistic skills. As a result, I am able to creatively wonder and move forward with my quest and a special delight unfolds in my heart and before my eyes.“
 - S.G.


“After a couple of sessions with Karen I had figured out which exact projects I wanted to work on and when I might fit them into my life.
She helped me make the commitment to myself, and it made all the difference having an interested witness. “
 - S.H., writer

“She is generous, incredibly helpful and I cannot recommend her enough”
 - anonymous, scientist


If you're feeling...


  • The disappointment of unfulfilled creative desires

  •  Spinning your wheels,

  • Fear of visibility

  • Not taken seriously

  • Self-sabotaging

  • Sensitive to criticism


And you want...          

  • To cultivate your Inner Champion

  • To learn how to get started

  • To learn how to stay motivated

  • To get clear about what you really, really, really want


It's time to take care of yourself Creatively.


Mastering Anxiety:

Are you tired of being hijacked by anxiety?

I offer a rich array of tools and inner processes to help you live beyond the limitations of your anxious mind.  

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