Essential support for the sensitive creator

    If you are a sensitive being, you probably have many gifts, but also some barriers that make it especially hard to feel confident, or to expose yourself to the world.

It can be scary to try to buck the current of your conditioning and follow a deeper calling. You may not have the training. You might not think you even have time. Or that it's too late.  Whatever's in your way, know that you are a creative being and you deserve to have a full expression of yourself.  What will it take? Can you decide you are worth it?


If you are an artist on any level trying to survive or thrive in this world,

support is not a luxury! It’s a basic need. It’s your birthright.

Claim it!

      Because we're creative, we sometimes get caught in intricate patterns that stop us from simply doing the life-sustaining  creative work we set out to do. Things like overwhelm, procrastination, fear, shame and anxiety can keep you pretty busy.  And how do you find time in your busy day for your creative practice especially if you're a busy professional, a parent or a caregiver?  Is there a small voice inside saying "what about me?"

     I know, because I started out with a lot of creative desire, but didn't have the support to make my creative dreams  a reality.  It took me many years (decades even) to not only hone my craft but to learn how to support myself internally  and arrange my life so that it could be the right container for  my creative work. I hit a wall at one point in my 30's and made a decision to live for my art and to let it guide me.

    As a working artist and a coach, I understand intimately what keeps creative people from creating. Certain patterns and habits are running the show that are not in service of you being creatively fulfilled.  Some will keep you preoccupied for hours, days and years.  Sound familiar? Understand that these patterns and habits will not only waste your time; they can destroy your desire to create; paralyze you for years and dampen your natural joy of expressing yourself.


unnamed (1).jpg

Develop essential tools for regaining your creative momentum.

If you're feeling...


  • The agony of unfulfilled creative desires

  • Confusion, spinning your wheels, going around in circles

  • Afraid to be visible or show your work

  • Stepped on, pushed aside or not taken seriously

  • Self-sabotage

  • Highly Sensitive

  • Anxious

  • Criticized or Rejected


And you want...          


  • A more helpful relationship with yourself

  • Cultivate an inner champion

  • Get started, get going, get moving

  • Figure out what’s really stopping you

  • Resolve inner conflicts

  • Learn to coach yourself

  • Get clear about what you really, really, really want


It's time to take care of your Inner Creative.



“Karen listens with attention, curiosity and artistic skills. As a result, I am able to creatively wonder and move forward with my quest and a special delight unfolds in my heart and before my eyes.“
 - S.G.


“After a couple of sessions with Karen I had figured out which exact projects I wanted to work on and when I might fit them into my life.
She helped me make the commitment to myself, and it made all the difference having an interested witness. “
 - S.H., writer

“She is generous, incredibly helpful and I cannot recommend her enough”
 - anonymous, scientist


Mastering Anxiety:

Are you tired of being hijacked by anxiety?

I offer a rich array of tools and inner processes to help you live beyond the limitations of your anxious mind.