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Conflict Support

Do you want to learn how to assert yourself with both skill and kindness?


Have you had a breakdown in a relationship that you would like to repair?


Do you wish you had more tools to sort out your differences with others?


Do you want to understand your partner, your kids, your colleagues? 

Exploratory Session
30 min
Free Session

A conflict can feel like a big, tangled mess!


Although conflicts are natural in the course of life, they need to be addressed skillfully to prevent unnecessary damage or pain. As we get closer to people our differences tend to come up. 

     The way we were all trained to communicate isn't necessarily the most helpful. Sometimes our habitual speech and thinking patterns can make things worse.

     Conflict Support can help you unravel the knots, put things in perspective, or craft a skillful response to get you more of what you really want: peace and connection.

     Stress from interpersonal conflict is one of the leading sources of illness, divorce and creative dissatisfaction. You can learn new ways to navigate disagreements and conflicts more successfully .

Save your important relationships!


Conflict Coaching: an effective and elegant way to work on all sides of an issue even if the other party/person is unable to participate. Single session or series.

Mediation: a facilitated process for reaching mutual understanding and mutual agreement.

Both parties participate equally, and can be done in-person, by phone, email or Skype. Usually short series with two or more parties.

Communication Training / Facilitation: Coach "lends" her speaking and listening skills (based on nonviolent communication) to help conflicting parties better understand each other.

An exploratory session is required to find out what the issues are, and to see which services make sense at that time.

Exploratory Session
30 min
Free Session
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