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How It Works:

“Karen listens so carefully and non-judgmentally. With one well-directed question, I saw to the core of a dilemma in which I’d been lost for months.” 
-E.A. - artist, painting instructor

     Creativity Coaching is designed to help you move toward a compelling future with the kind of support that you've always needed. Through this partnership, you will learn about the important inner work that sustains your creative practices, while taking practical steps toward building a life where creativity is front and center.

     Creativity Coaching is tailored to your needs and can fit into an already full life. You can sign up for a single session, a package of three sessions, or dive in for three months of coaching. Changing long-established patterns can take some time, so you might want to give yourself the best shot at making a significant shift and sustaining it.

  Our work can include a combination of  in-person sessions if you are local, as well as communicating by phone, video or email, in a rhythm than fits your schedule and needs.




















Who I've Worked With:


(names have been changed)

"Jeannette" makes beautiful craft objects but is afraid and feels ashamed to show her work.  She recently had a show but “forgot” to invite anyone.


"Scott" is a successful filmmaker, but is overworked and exhausted, suffering from multiple stress-related health issues. He needs to heal something old inside so he can take better care of himself while still pursuing his dreams.


"Sally" has had a fulfilling career as a psychotherapist, her kids are leaving home, and she has lots of creative desire, but isn't sure where to put here energies next.  She doesn’t want to get caught up in her husband’s business.


"George" has been an art director in the corporate commercial art world, and now wants to make it as a fine artist. He sabotages himself when he meets with the slightest criticism or rejection. He has no idea how good he is.


"Nancy" is a quiet writer, and used to publish her work.  She now has a lot of symptoms that keep preventing her from doing her writing.  She has lots of ideas and beginnings of stories and articles in a box.  She even wrote a novel, but ran out of energy to revise it.  She has been stuck for years.

artistic vision
What if you could wake up excited every morning, knowing which projects you wanted to pursue, and had all the time, space and support you needed?


Can you imagine enjoying fearless creativity, authentic self-expression,
and courageous self-promotion?

What could you accomplish if you had someone trained to help you through stage fright, writers’ block, or a crisis of meaning?

Karen Andrews is a superb life coach for an artist.  She takes you to a deep place within where you can find an intuitive wisdom to guide you toward accomplishing great things and a better understanding of yourself. She also has practical advice which comes from a personal knowledge she has gained over her years of experience as an accomplished artist. I would recommend her highly to any artist who wants to grow. 

- Nancy A.

I can’t describe exactly what we  did in that session, but it was amazing! I had not been working for many months; I had been terribly stuck and despairing, and now I am working again. Something just loosened up, some things healed and I feel different, more myself.

-  anonymous, artist

unnamed (2).jpg

“My responsibility is not to the ordinary, or the timely. It does not extend to the lost button or the beans in the pot. My loyalty is to the inner vision, whenever and howsoever it may arrive...The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising and gave to it neither power nor time” 

- Mary Oliver

Protect your sensitivity and your  gifts

van gogh brother

Even Van Gogh had a coach - his brother , Theo

     Just like the myth of the starving artist, no successful artist succeeds totally on their own. Behind every successful artist is at least one vital support person, and often more.
     Your Creativity Coach can be your best ally, a dedicated cheerleader, a clear sounding board, a trusted adviser and an accountability partner.  Get access to the secrets used by some of the world’s most productive and creative individuals.

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