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Do you need help with an important relationship because of a breakdown in communication?


Do you wish you had  the tools to help you sort out your differences with others?


Do you want to be able to understand your partner, family member or co-worker better?

A conflict can feel like a big, tangled mess!













Although conflicts are natural in the course of life, they need to be addressed skillfully to prevent unnecessary damage or pain. As we get closer to people our differences come up.  Using a variety of state-of-the-art tools and techniques, I help you unravel the issues, put things in perspective, and craft a skillful response that likely to get you more of what you are really wanting and needing. back


Stress from interpersonal conflict is one of the leading source of illness, divorce and workplace dissatisfaction. Using mediation, conflict coaching and communication training you get what you need to navigate conflicts successfully, save important relationships and collaborate effectively with others.

Stop getting hijacked by your emotions and transform conflicts into useful, constructive learning experiences.

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