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Get Inspired and Stay Productive!

Is your distress getting in the way of your creativity?

Are you blocked, stuck in a rut, or procrastinating?

Do you need more support to complete a creative project, start a new endeavor, or stick to a regular creative practice?


Do you want to find a way to balance your day job and your life’s dream?

It takes a lot of support to follow a dream; walk an uncharted path. 

How would it feel to start out the week by checking in with someone who would help you take doable steps towards your creative goals?


What could you accomplish with a companion/guide who understands – first hand -- the ups and downs and the winding nature of the creative path?


And what if you had someone who could help you figure out how to overcome the obstacles that had been stopping you in the past?


What  could you accomplish if you had someone in your corner, trained to help you through obstacles such as stage fright, writers’ block, or a crisis of meaning?

Creative Distress Takes Many Forms

fear of expressing yourself

anxiety about starting something new

difficulty sustaining a creative practice

inability to finish a piece

dread of marketing your work

life getting in the way

Whatever your brand of Creative Distress,  a Creativity Coach can be your best ally,

a dedicated cheerleader, a sounding board, an advisor or an accountability partner.

Creativity Coaching can give you access to the  secrets used by some of the world’s most productive and creative individuals.



Even Van Gogh Had a Coach - His Brother , Theo

Just like the myth of the starving artist, no successful artists succeed totally on their own. Behind every successful artist is at least one vital support person, and often a team.

Why you might consider Creativity Coaching

You may have plenty of creative energy, but perhaps your sensitivity  makes it hard to get above your emotions in order to focus on your creative work.


Maybe your creative dreams are alive and well, but they are living in your head, not in your life.


Perhaps you feel a strong desire to create something meaningful, but every day the hours slip away.

Or maybe you’re an exceptionally compassionate person, and one of your gifts is taking care of other people. Everybody needs you but that leaves no time for your own creative work.

It's time to take care of your Inner Creative.



To pursue your own path and follow your heart can be a radical act.

In a culture that values money, status, and conventionality, you are bucking the current by following your inner voice. There is not a lot of validation and support and you may hear voices outside and inside of you telling you to go back to the familiar.



I can’t describe exactly what we  did in that session, but it was amazing! All I know is, I had not been not working for many months; I had been terribly stuck and despairing, and now I am working again. Something just loosened up, some things healed and I feel different, more myself.

-  anonymous, artist




Karen Andrews is a superb life coach for an artist. I have received several sessions with her and have found that I am more able to take active steps towards a career in the arts. She takes you to a deep place within where you can find an intuitive wisdom to guide you toward accomplishing great things and a better understanding of yourself. She also has practical advice which comes from a personal knowledge she has gained over her years of experience as an accomplished artist. I would recommend her highly to any artist who wants to grow both in their ability to create and in their pursuit of a self-employed art business.


Nancy A.


What To Expect in A Creativity Coaching Session:

Creativity Coaching is designed to help you move toward a compelling future.  As your coach I will gently guide you toward your big dreams by making the most of your resources and inner wisdom.  Through this partnership, you will learn about the important inner work  that sustains your creative practices, while taking practical steps toward building a life where creativity is front and center.


Creativity Coaching :

       helps clear up distresses that are impinging on your creativity

        can be done flexibly:  by phone, Skype, in-person, email, or a combination of any.


  • is about building positive habits


  •  is life coaching for the creative path


  • a way to become your own self-observer and self-coach


  •  takes deliberate effort, commitment and dedication


  • can be life-changing and life-enhancing

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