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To thrive

as an artist or creative person

in this world,

 we need to become experts in self-awareness. A multitude of inner and outer obstacles  can take us off of our desired path.  Staying inspired and productive is not a given. Creativity and sensitivity often go together and when not well-managed, can create disturbances in our work, our lives and our relationships. With the focused guidance of a Creativity Coach who understand the terrain of the creative path, you will gain the tools and the mindset to move through its peaks and pitfalls with more ease. 


 You will learn to keep centered, keep anxiety manageable and keep moving forward.

"The unknown is a fearful place and anything new is a step into the unknown"    Twyla Tharp 


“After a couple of sessions with Karen I had figured out which exact projects I wanted to work on and when I might fit them into my life.
She helped me make the commitment to myself, and it made all the difference having an interested witness. “
 - S.H., writer


creativity is



 and having access to its flow is our birthright as human beings. Many things in life  can suppress it, block it or channel it in an unproductive direction.  Creativity Coaching and Conflict Support can help you to release these constraints order to live a fully expressed life. 

for an ordinary existence


It might feel easier in the short run to follow a well-trodden, conventional path. But something  in you keeps  reminding you that you want more out of life--your days, hours and minutes. If you are an artist, filmmaker, performer or entrepreneur, - or want to be -   Creativity Coaching can help you optimize your gifts, your time and your resources.

When nurtured wisely and put together in the right sequence,  your life can become a work of art.





“Your real job in life is to find out what you are supposed to be doing and to find a way to do that thing”   - Oprah Winfrey

("Mandala"courtesy of

If you’re tired of getting hijacked by your emotions, or want to improve your relationships with yourself and those around youif mutually supportive, enlivening relationships are essential to your well-being, you ....value good
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